slim meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
slim meaning in tamil is ஒல்லியான

slim meaning in tamil with example

slim tamil meaning and more example for slim will be given in tamil.
He is not only slim and fit again but he has bounced back from a 300 pound caricature of his former self to a new life as a drugfree television presenter. The home side had begun the match needing an outright win and a bonus point to make good a slim possibility of entering the knockout stage. Furthermore her opponent a slight Belarussian with a forthright game and three qualifying matches under her slim belt was scarcely a pushover. In the advertisement the firm published photographs of obese people who turned slim and happy after following the Body Care Weight Loss Inch Loss programme. Yes but on such a slim premise hangs director Andrew Adamsons film based on C.S. Lewiss literary exercise. He said the company sold 1.2 million flat TV sets in 2005 and would begin production of slim fit TV sets at the Noida facility by the end of February. A few health clubs and fitness centres here have started using the powers of imagery and autosuggestion to help their clientele slim down and get fit. Reddy said storage period among these shops was not too high lasting for just a day or two and as such chances of the deadly flu were quite slim because no meat was imported. By doing so it has kept open the slim possibility of reverting to its original position that the CFA should be reviewed. However as a review of the document will depend on the consent of both the Government and the Tamil the possibility has not yet presented itself. The products on display include pharmaceuticals health care health drinks cosmetics aphrodisiacs tonics that help one to slim down drugs that help students etc.