slight meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
slight meaning in tamil is அலட்சியப்படுத்து

slight meaning in tamil with example

slight tamil meaning and more example for slight will be given in tamil.
There is just a slight problem there is an ashram in the middle of the proposed city a place where the orphans get shelter and Mother Nature gets devoted beings caring sharing. Srinagar along with Badgam Pulwama and Anantnag district towns however received slight and intermittent drizzle since Sunday morning with heavy overcast sky. Doctors treating Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon said on Tuesday that they had detected a slight improvement in his brain function as they try to rouse him gradually from a coma. These are neurological changes that show a slight progress in the brain function of the Prime Minister Ariel Sharon he said. Chilly winds blew across Patiala despite slight increase in the temperature in Punjab recording 3.6 degrees Celsius three degrees below normal while Ludhiana registered 4.9 degrees one degree below normal. Another suggestion why not make the roads act as stormwater drains by relaying the road with a slight gradient towards the nearest natural nullah. A slight change in the lubrication system would help cut cost both at the micro and macro level said N.D. Mhatre of the Bombay Textile Research Association BTRA which has come up with a centralised lubrication system. Furthermore her opponent a slight Belarussian with a forthright game and three qualifying matches under her slim belt was scarcely a pushover. About the slight wobble of the North and South Poles he said the movement of surface material could move the Poles through considerable distances.