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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
slang meaning in tamil is பேச்சு வழக்கில் உள்ள சொற் தொடர், கொச்சை மொழித் தொடர்

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Prasad decided to set up the blog to facilitate a frank exchange of views in English with a mix of Kannada slang unique to Mysore. He also suggested that the aspirants watch television channels like CNN HBO and Star Movies to familiarise themselves with their diction and slang use of the language. Wednesday being World AntiTobacco Day will those wedded to the fiery practice throw away for ever what the American slang calls a coffins nail. Indians definitely use much less slang than others and there is also some formality and politeness in the way it is spoken which I think comes from the cultural milieu of Indians he felt. Emails and SMS with their absurdly abbreviated slang may have affected the language skills and overall communication skills of many youth some academics fear.