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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
size meaning in tamil is அளவு

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size tamil meaning and more example for size will be given in tamil.
The city began limiting the size of events there in 1997 but a move to formalise the limit did not take place until 2004. The most popular screen size is 7 inches 18 cm and this is adequate for good viewing with the player placed on the lap. For providing an information under sub section 1 of section 7 the fee would be Rs 10 for each page in A4 or A3 size paper created or copied and in case of a paper larger than that of specified in clause a the actual cost of such a paper would be charged. From Sunday they began restricting the size of gatherings on the Great Lawn a 13acre oval field in the centre of the park encompassing baseball fields football pitches and playgrounds. The Forest Department had launched the project to reduce the size of blackbuck population in 10 mandals of Adoni division in the district to check crop damage by the animals. A village 10 times the size of Usa it is to be netted up for a year to see whether blanket net provision can make as startling a difference on a bigger scale. Though their fears were allayed and it may be a small issue given the enormity of the investment envisaged and the size of the project the KIADB and the Government should take the initiative to provide basic civic amenities if they are to gain the investors confidence. In a 15minute presentation Eric Baudon and JeanClaude Giannino who flew down to India at their own expense explained the size of the Clemenceau its structure and the fact that it had been specially built and that it had a vast amount of cabling containing asbestos.