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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
sitting meaning in tamil is கூட்டம், மகாநாடு, நீதிமன்ற விசாரணை

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Can an independent director who gets sitting fees and even a share in the profits be allowed to continue his role as a consultant. It began on a violent note as the then sitting legislator of TDP from Penukonda Paritala Ravindra was murdered on the premises of the district TDP office here on January 24. The commission held a sitting at the Coimbatore Central Prison to examine Abdul Nasir Maudany and also conducted a videoconference to examine the Bareilly Senior Superintendent of Police Neera Rawat. Traditional punishments like the painful goda kurchi the child is asked to maintain sitting posture using only a wall to support his back and mottikayalu being hit with knuckles on the head are being used quite commonly even now according to the study. The Vice Chancellor said the Chief Justice was keen on forging a strong link between the Law University and the Tamil Nadu State Judicial Academy which provides training and continuing education to sitting judicial officers. I am sitting firmly in my chair as Chief Minister and the people of the State have endorsed my position he said and exuded confidence that he will complete his full term of five years. This transport system is clean safe and most importantly reliable. Many commuters were also seen taking a break sitting around the station along with their children simply watching the highspeed Metro speed by. Prasad saw Vijayalakshmi Viswanathan who retired from the post of the Finance Commissioner of Railway Board a few weeks back sitting among the audience.