sit meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
sit meaning in tamil is உட்கார், அமர்

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Radhakrishnan observed that in this age of speed and hurry people had little time to sit still and meditate. My advice to all freshers is to sit with a friend or visit websites and make a list of 50 questions on the topics I referred to earlier. None was allowed to sit around the Golden Lotus Pond in view of paucity of time and also to avoid overcrowding. In the less severe punishments the student is asked to leave the class stand on bench kneel in front of class or school assembly sit on the floor sit by the dustbin. Two members of a team will sit NorthSouth in closed room and two other members of same team will sit EastWest in other room and viceversa. Sadananda Poonja who is camping in Bangalore told The HolyIndia over telephone that the Congress has two options either to sit in the opposition or enter into a coalition with the Janata Dal S to prevent the BJP from coming to power. Citing a statement made by president of the district unit of the Janata Dal S G.T. Deve Gowda that the party would prefer to sit in the Opposition in the zilla panchayat Mr. After reaching the subdivision offices the farmers made the entire staff come out of the premises and made them sit in front of the offices. The results league SIT 64 Jeya Ganesh 16 Devendra Pandian 11 Sundaramurthy 11 bt TCE 22 Anand 10 Sourashtra College 84 Harisankar 21 Jeyachandran 19 bt GRI 77 Gajendran 23 Adi Ganesh 21. Quarterfinals TCE bt Jayaraj Chelladurai College 5546 SIT bt Yadava College Madurai 6747 GRI bt MSSWB College Madurai 7875 Sourashtra College bt Horticultural College Periakulam 7238.