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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
sip meaning in tamil is மது) ஒரு தடவை வாய் வைத்து உறுஞ்சும் அளவு, சிறிய மிடறு

sip meaning in tamil with example

sip tamil meaning and more example for sip will be given in tamil.
The tipsters pranks disturb them not only during day hours but also in nights as many of them could be found having a sip of drink just in front of the colonys houses by parking their twowheelers right in the middle of the road. Even though some of them could solve only 60 to 70 problems leaving the others blank it is a good symptom of their intelligence quotient and learning skills as their average per minute achievement is ten questions says the Director of SIP Academy India Chennai Dinesh Victor. And while the Rani ad rides on technology it will be clever cinematography for Akshay Kumar who will be seen daring to do the impossible on top of a lighthouse just to get a sip of his favourite drink in the new Thums Up ad. The SIP carries a weightage of 12 credits which is equivalent to three courses of four credits each. On the salads and starters front the choice is wide ranging from Moroccan specialties like Couscous and Chicken salad a combo of steamed couscous bell peppers and chicken tossed with Harissa sause or Mezza Casablanca and a sip of a Moroccan refreshing drink. They can listen Devaram and Thiruvasagam also Muslim and Christian devotional songs from the university main building and can sip Mooligai tea Herbal tea given by the Agasthiyar Mooligai centre of Pillaiarpatti. China model He was participating in a seminar on opportunities in China Singapore Industrial Park SIP and SIP International Park organised by the Confederation of Indian Industry here on Wednesday. While major IT companies capable of setting up their own operations were already looking towards Suzhou the SIP was looking for the level two and level three companies that could set up their development centres.