sinful meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
sinful meaning in tamil is பாவி

sinful meaning in tamil with example

sinful tamil meaning and more example for sinful will be given in tamil.
It is also having unpredicted effects forcing them to confront awkward choices carry on elaborating grand principles or adjust the message and feel guilty of sinful backsliding. Where the KSRTC fails to meet the requirements owing to paucity of funds or inefficiency of service it is not sinful to allow private operators to take over with the necessary regulations. Human birth is due to ignorance and determined by the Karma both sinful and meritorious of his earlier births. Birth in this world is the result of Karma accumulated in previous lives and the consequence of good and sinful deeds is joy and sorrow respectively. Cricket is an evil and sinful sport. It is so sad the magazine concluded that Pakistanis are committing suicides after losing cricket matches to India.