sincere meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
sincere meaning in tamil is உணமையான, நேர்மையான

sincere meaning in tamil with example

sincere tamil meaning and more example for sincere will be given in tamil.
We are very sincere and committed to ensure more production through the optimum utilisation of water he claimed. When the case was heard last December the investigation team said it was unable to trace the woman despite sincere efforts and requested the court to close the petition and transfer the enquiry to the local Deputy Superintendent of Police. He recalled that patriotic leaders like the late Kamaraj and Kalyanasundaram took sincere efforts to establish the BHEL and Neyveli Lignite Corporation in Tiruchi and Neyveli respectively. Plantation In its first sincere effort to prevent shifting of sand the district administration has taken up plantation programme in about 26 acres Government land in Kalekurthi village of Kanekal mandal with the help of DWMA. Baladhandayutham raised slogans demanding sincere implementation of the reservation system in education. Lone said that he would not beat about the bush but we will give an analytical academic and a sincere Kashmiri viewpoint to the Indian Government. He claimed that his party had a roadmap on Kashmir. It is worth saying here that the idea that the recognition of a justified complaint and the publication of a quick and sincere apology aggravate matters and actually prompt litigation is in my experience almost totally false in the context of the United Kingdom... he added. There were no sincere efforts since Independence to improve irrigation facilities in the district he alleged. Noting that the State had won the Central Governments award for decentralisation the Minister said it was recognition for the State Governments sincere efforts to bring about devolution of powers resources mobilisation and transparency.