since meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
since meaning in tamil is ஒரு குறிப்பிட்ட காலம் முதல், என்பதால், முதல், இருந்து

since meaning in tamil with example

since tamil meaning and more example for since will be given in tamil.
Deputy Chief Minister M.P. Prakash visited Harpanahalli for a day since Harpanahalli was adjacent to his constituency of Hoovinahadagali. Work on repairing the damaged portion has been under way at a hectic pace in the bridge since December 24 and is expected to be over soon paving the way for traffic resumption sans any toll. The RSP leader said that though it had been 16 days since the Goonda Act came into being nobody had been arrested under the Act. In the aftermath of the revived dialogue process since January 2004 India and Pakistan agreed to reopen the rail link that was shut down after the 1965 war. We are extremely vulnerable since we cannot hope to compete with the super players in massive security outlays as our investments are returnsbound. Rajnath Singh has been an RSS worker since his student days and he became the karyawah general secretary of Mirzapur in 1972 when he was barely 21. Subsequently 39 workers from the same company met the Indian Ambassador on September 25 and pleaded for regularisation of their visas labour card and health card as they had been working since 2003 without these documents he said. The Embassy immediately took up the issue with the management of the company which informed that since the workers had been working illegally there were heavy penalties involved. He has since then used every opportunity to bring to focus the shortcomings and discrepancies in the working of the government. Rangasamy said that during the last four and half years since the present Government came into being a number of welfare measures were evolved and implemented for the betterment of farmers merchants government employees and the people at large.