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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
silt meaning in tamil is வண்டல்

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The dam has also been designed to automatically control silt as the gates will be placed much above the siltformation level. However the building bylaws issued earlier by the Municipal Administration Department exempted a building with silt plus five floors of 18 metres height from the NOC. Construction of culverts levelling and fencing park areas maintenance of roads and drains information signs repainting site numbers removing silt from roadside drains chainlink fencing for CA sites and providing dustbins are among the works taken up. The officials had told him that the silt could not be removed without disrupting the drinking water supply as the procedure would make the water turgid. Sources clarified that the remaining mechanised boats were meant for carrying the silt dredged out by the dredgers from the commercial canal the main canal used for barges movement. The per hectare relief for farmers whose agricultural lands suffered a deposit of silt to a height ranging between 0.5 and 1.5 feet will be Rs.12000 while for the lands with a deposit of silt over and above 1.5 feet it will be Rs.18000. The increase in height of the 12th largest dam in the world was necessitated by silt deposits which have reduced the quantum of electricity generated by it. As part of this scheme it has proposed to desilt the Veeranam tank and use the silt for raising the level of the cultivable land located alongside the foreshore bund. The BMP planned to remodel major valleys construct the Inner Core Ring Road fill missing bits in the 100 per cent water supply project construct more flyovers and also remove silt and rehabilitate major storm water drains under the National Urban Renewal Mission.