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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
silly meaning in tamil is மடத்தனமான, பயனற்ற, உதவியற்ற, அற்பமான

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Joshi then stepped in and scalped Chopra though the edge actually scraped the turf before nestling in Shindes palms at silly point. By fielding at silly point himself he was sending the right message to his men even if he did not latch on to a couple of half chances. I also feel that questions about his future are silly because there is no batsman in India to replace him just yet. Scotland skipper Kasiam Farid introduced the first Power Player immediately after the mandatory fielding restrictions and the decision looked silly as Scotland was defending a small target. Sri Lanka elected to bat and was comfortably placed at 117 for four but the silly run out of its best batsman Sachitrha Serasinghe triggered a sensational collapse. In the morning the number of cases were more but by evening it had come down significantly. Most of the people who were caught came up with silly excuses. Gatti also spoke against corporal punishment to children for silly mistakes they commit either in school or in their houses. Little Shehnaz and Mahendra students of UKG explained what it meant to live in a sweet home. While Rajeshwari from LKG narrated the story of the two silly goats her friends were more than eager to explain about the farmer and his duck which laid golden eggs. When most of the Indian languages are threatened in an era of globalisation it is silly to quarrel with a sister language on false ground. Dr. He won the game for them today. Warne who began his first spell unchanged from the 16th over before lunch until an hour after tea bowled to a field that at times featured a silly midoff silly point two slips a leg slip and a forward short leg.