silica meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
silica meaning in tamil is கூழாங்கல்

silica meaning in tamil with example

silica tamil meaning and more example for silica will be given in tamil.
Ramesh said the storage instructions on the tag would highlight the need to use silica gel sachets instead of plastic covers or cardboard boxes to keep the silk clothes. The proposal to set up a silica sand unit near Rock Garden at Orvakal in Kurnool district has raised eyebrows. The news that a leading glass manufacturing industrial house was planning to establish a silica sand extraction unit was welcomed by a section of the public as it would generate a lot of employment and business activity in the area. Tourist spot Also they were more concerned because the silica extraction unit would devour the most beautiful rock formations within no time. Instead of feeding the most majestic rock formations as raw material to the silica extraction unit the range should be preserved as natural monuments they suggest.