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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
significance meaning in tamil is முக்கியத்துவம்

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significance tamil meaning and more example for significance will be given in tamil.
Though we will be going there to express our sympathy to the quake victims our visit has a political significance too as we belong to a political forum called the All Parties Hurriyat Conference. Now that even pictures can be transmitted the significance of sending cards is fast losing its relevance. Many shopkeepers said the patronage was more from the elderly folks and children who still believed in greeting people in a traditional manner by sending cards. The New Year assumes significance for both Ganguly and Chappell and though they are not on the same wavelength in many ways their top priority is the 2007 World Cup. THE DEVELOPMENTS in 2005 which has just come to a close have far reaching significance because of the numerous bilateral agreements concluded for boosting twoway trade securing high technology and promoting joint ventures in the oil aviation and other sectors. Of particular significance are bilateral efforts to identify joint ventures for the development of the eastern Sri Lankan port city of Trincomalee and its surrounding region and the agreement for a joint venture power plant in the same district. Reddys posting as the incharge of the temple assumes significance as unprecedented political pressure was mounted on the TTD management for filling the post. The study gains significance in the light of two recent incidents in the city in which an elevenyearold girl reportedly hanged herself when her family insisted that she went to school and in another a boy immolated himself.