signature meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
signature meaning in tamil is கையொப்பம், கையெழுத்து

signature meaning in tamil with example

signature tamil meaning and more example for signature will be given in tamil.
Strangely enough the signature of Briac Beilvert the president of SDIC appears under the title of both executor and guarantor in the contract for the acquisition of the ship. The Collector instructed officials not to accept any declaration form without the signature of the MCH staff. Taking a cue from thousands of emails claimed to be in circulation on the web in protest against the decision he announced that the party would take up a signature campaign at the State level. The petition was not on the associations letter pad and the signature was not that of its president. Nongovernmental organisations should be encouraged to initiate mass signature campaign addressed to the Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh. The Samiti has commenced a signature campaign and on Friday alone has mobilised more than 500 signatures from different communities. They conducted a signature campaign which received a good response with 320 persons signing in support of the campaign in less than two hours. The signature campaign will continue and a memorandum containing will be submitted to the Chief Minister at the end of this month. It is learnt that the Commissioner has complained that the accused have forged the signature of the former Commissioner of the CMC Sarfraz Khan who is now a private secretary to the Agriculture Minister K. The teller is on leave and the computer printer is in his cabin. When the customer again went to the bank on Monday to withdraw some cash there was a call for verification of signature from an officer inside.