sickness meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
sickness meaning in tamil is நோய்மை, நோயுணர்வு

sickness meaning in tamil with example

sickness tamil meaning and more example for sickness will be given in tamil.
Swami Ram Dev said sickness among people was caused basically due to disturbances in the harmony of the body by external factors besides irregular habits and imbalance of mind. Drugs do not take into aspect the other inner qualities of a person but are more concentrated on a specific symptom of sickness or disease. He also regretted the absence of schemes in the Budget to revive the plantation sector where sickness and joblessness had become a major bane. The policy envisages creation of quality infrastructure incentivecentric investments export promotion foreign direct investment access to market intellectual property rights fostering industrial clusters preventing sickness and flight of industries to other States. Referring to reports of 24 persons in Krishnagiri falling sick after consuming chicken and to rumours that their sickness was a case of bird flu he said that the Animal Husbandry Department officials made enquiries. The Ancient Greeks had a term to describe Gyanendras sickness 151 akrasia or the state of acting against ones better interests. Paul who is in Chennai reported on Tuesday morning to the hospital with complaints of vomiting and sickness for which she was treated. Later in the evening she returned to the hospital with complaints of sickness and was admitted to the intensive medical care unit says hospital sources. This would include benefits such as health cover sickness allowance maternity benefit and life insurance. Mahajan had purchased distributed and consumed narcotic drugs which resulted in his sickness and the death of Pramod Mahajans personal secretary Bibek Moitra.