sickle meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
sickle meaning in tamil is அரிவாள்

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The police said Venkatesh a resident of Bilekahalli fell into the trench in front of the Indian Institute of Management while trying to pull down a branch of a tree using a sickle fixed to a long stick. The police said a group of four attacked him with sickle when he was about to get into a car parked at Balavinayakar Koil Street in the wee hours of Thursday. The accused murdered Suseela daughter of Mariappan 47 with a sickle on November 11 1992 owing to enmity. The sickle cell anemia disease prevalent among members of Soliga tribal community at B.R. Hills near here is similar to an ailment found among members of a tribe in South Africa. Just wear an apron with hammer and sickle and go... Lakhs of people in West Bengal will wear hammer and sickle party symbol 24 hours of the day. Patients with serious bloodrelated diseases such as thalassemia and sickle cell anaemia are in desperate need of a medicine capable of significantly improving the quality of their lives. Iron overload poses a threat to life of patients with thalassemia sickle cell anaemia and other bloodrelated diseases who are given blood transfusions almost every month. Facilities for these patients at government hospitals are woefully inadequate. At the Noolpuzha panchayat 50 children stricken with sickle cell anaemia are being given medicines by Vivekanda Medical Mission a voluntary agency. Started 15 years ago the society offers help to patients afflicted with thalassaemia aplastic anaemia haemophilia and sickle cell anaemia.