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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
sick meaning in tamil is நோய்வாய்படு

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These include action plan for the development of Medak hike of PF interest rate to 12 per cent reopening of sick industries minimum wages for contract labour strengthening of APSRTC and establishment of ESIC hospitals in Sangareddy Zaheerabad and Siddipet. Sick However the calf failed to develop immunity and remained sick ever since it was shifted to the zoo. Sick of JDS We are sick of Janata DalS. Mahendran submitted that the State Government had sanctioned Rs.68 crore for revival of the sick mill and it shall commence the operations shortly. You should eat good food and avoid falling sick during examinations is her advice for other students. The study of more than 45000 people in Vietnam which has been struggling with an outbreak of the highly pathogenic H5N1 virus in poultry since late 2003 reveals that up to 750 people are very likely to have become infected with the strain after handling sick or ill birds. The Karnataka High Court on Monday directed the Government to submit an affidavit explaining why the Stateowned company Mysore Lamps which has been declared as a sick unit could not be rejuvenated. The Government had referred the company to the Bureau of Industrial and Financial Reconstruction which had declared it as a sick unit. When the matter came up Justice Rammohan Reddy sought to know from the Government why it was interested in reviving the New Government Electric Factory and not other sick units including Mysore Lamps. Anup said that though he had gained an entry into the main draw he had to skip the allEngland championship as he fell sick after the senior Nationals here.