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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
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Dressed in shabby clothes and wearing pitiful looks the beggars put out their hands and nudge those who have not noticed them often causing much embarrassment. It said the PGCET had been conducted in a very poor and shabby manner and with no vision secrecy confidentiality and security. Thanks AirTel Usually companies concerned are blamed by road users and residents for shabby and incomplete work done during laying of cables. The shabby treatment continued until he was taken to the Central Jail in Chennai where he was made to sit on the mud floor with his lungi a casual wear. Others took a more encompassing view of life concluding that humans had had a good innings and it was time to hand over the planet albeit in a shabby state to a new caretaker species to see if they could do better. New glass and chrome structures housing Information Technology and Information Technology Enabled Services companies coexist with shabby sheds and rundown buildings housing small and medium enterprises. And going by victims versions there appears to be only one person behind this 151 a fat shabby looking guy between the age of 30 and 35 years riding an old Vespa scooter 151 whose modus operandi is to spit on women wearing light shade clothes and scoot. A ride through Jew Street and Market Road which run close to the M.G. Road would prove that a shabby work has been carried out. Though a whopping Rs 1.74 crore was spent by the government over the past few years on a restoration and maintenance project executed by a private environmental technology development and promotion group the lake is now presenting a very shabby look on account of the weeds water hyacinth.