sexual meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
sexual meaning in tamil is பாலியல், பால்வினை

sexual meaning in tamil with example

sexual tamil meaning and more example for sexual will be given in tamil.
Union Health and Family Welfare Ministry has approved guidelines for implementation of a national strategy for Adolescent Reproductive and Sexual Health under the second phase of the Reproductive and Child Health RCHII programme. This has brought about dramatic changes in their lives and exposed them to health risks such as drugs smoking and unprotected sexual activities. The task force found adolescent health and adolescent reproductive and sexual health were areas of interest but very little knowledge on these subjects existed on the ground. Ali said HIV normally enters the body either through sexual intercourse transfusion of unexamined blood or usage of nonsterilised needles which already have bloodstains of AIDS patients. The two women who charged the RDO with sexual harassment appeared at the Collectorate and deposed before Ms. The Sri Raja Rajeshwara Swami SRRS Government polytechnic college in Agraharam village of Vemulawada mandal where ragging claimed a first year students life recently has again hit the headlines with a lecturer harassing a girl student seeking sexual favours. She was speaking at a districtlevel network meeting of Partnership for Sexual Health Projects here on Monday. The Home Office is to investigate allegations that corrupt immigration officials are issuing visas to attractive young women in return for sexual favours. Staff Reporter Abnormal baby dies after birth Sangareddy Anjamma of Ismailkhanpet delivered a baby with both male and female sexual organs at MNR hospital here on Tuesday.