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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
sex meaning in tamil is ஆண் - பெண்) பால்

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sex tamil meaning and more example for sex will be given in tamil.
He pointed out that cases on SSLC question paper leak and the death of Kiliroor sex racket victim had to be entrusted to the Central Bureau of Investigation CBI because of improper investigation on the part of the State police. Tim Holy and Zhongsheng Guo at Washington University School of Medicine in Missouri discovered that mice construct complex songs and sing them when they come across sex pheromones. Referring to the plight of women the leaders said more than 40 per cent of sex workers in the country hailed from Andhra Pradesh. The ruling does not necessarily mean that the archdiocese would be forced to sell off church property to pay settlements or court awards to sex abuse victims. The year also witnessed a series of controversies revolving round the eightyearold infamous Kozhikode icecream parlour sex scandal. As part of awareness campaigns people were told about the ways Human Immunodeficiency Virus would enter human bodies and the needs to adopt safer sex practices to prevent AIDS from spreading to wider masses he added. We have distributed about a lakh condoms to commercial sex workers during the medical camps and asked them to insist their customers to use them he added. Mass publicity campaign would be launched to enhance awareness against female foeticide to check declining sex ratio. The controversy over the Sanjay Joshi sex CD episode deepened further on Tuesday with the Vadodarabased school teacher suspected to be the woman in the filmdenying her involvement in the case.