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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
sewage meaning in tamil is கழிவு

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On most streets manholes have been left open wells have turned into sewage pits and empty plots resemble garbage yards. On a lane along the lake a group of women has packed the street with sand and disinfectant to cut out risk of infectious diseases but sewage continues to flow out of the underground sewage system laid by the Chennai Metrowater Supply Sewage Board. The town panchayat covers 60 new nagars and to provide the basic needs of the residents an underground drainage system should be relaid to clear the sewage water from the area. Subramanian said already the sewage treatment plant was constructed by the TWAD on 27 acres at Lakkapauram. A crack was noticed in the tank and the sewage water collected from town has percolated to the nearby about 1000odd houses. Stagnant sewage Central and State Government employees opted to settle here when buildings came up under a government scheme in 1992. People have dug canals to let sewage into the Madhavaram lake or into the open wells 151 all sources of drinking water. Sumps laid for piped water supply by the Chennai Metrowater Supply and Sewage Board has become sewage tanks immersing checkpoints and valves. Untreated sewage Untreated sewage was dumped in these canals. The freshwater part of the canals was severely polluted following indiscriminate raw sewage discharge. Transformation of a sewage conduit to a freshwater canal would demand a psychological rehabilitation and a cultural mobilisation among the public. Ahmed suggested that water supply be entrusted to the Karnataka Water Supply and Sewage Board as the Municipality is not able to discharge its duty properly.