settle meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
settle meaning in tamil is குடியேறு

settle meaning in tamil with example

settle tamil meaning and more example for settle will be given in tamil.
Gouri had not so far implemented an order of the Chief Minister that was meant to settle a monthsold agitation launched by teachers of Kerala Agrilculture University after she slashed their salary all on a sudden and ordered demotion of a few others. The defaulters could chose to settle the dues in three instalments from next month onwards and there would be no penalty on them. Presently he realised as so many have done before him that the time had come to settle down whereupon his earliest self reemerged. The State Government should also coordinate with the MPs and try to settle the issues amicably with the Karnataka Government he said. Delhi also saw the minimum rise by a few degrees to settle at 11 C up four degrees the Met here said. Stagnant sewage Central and State Government employees opted to settle here when buildings came up under a government scheme in 1992. There has been a longstanding demand to settle the issue on the basis of the Indira GandhiMujibur Rehman treaty. Additional Superintendent of Police Gnana Pandithan and revenue officials rushed to the spot and appealed to both the party men to settle the issue amicably. Whenever a new section opens we normally do encounter problems pertaining to closing of doors and stolen tokens but over a period of time things settle down said the DMRC spokesperson Anuj Dayal. Ramamohana Rao has said that the counselling is a way to settle family disputes and in most of the cases this is only the way out to unite wife husband and children in a family.