setback meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
setback meaning in tamil is பின்னடைவு

setback meaning in tamil with example

setback tamil meaning and more example for setback will be given in tamil.
In the U.S. intelligent design ID the creationist alternative to natural selection became a significant political force but suffered a setback in a courtroom in small town Dover Pennsylvania in November. It was a major setback to the TDP as the party lost the two civic bodies it held earlier besides failing to make any headway in others. However there has been a setback to this move as another Shia group led by Moqtada Al Sadr has set new conditions for a tieup with the Sunnis. Agriculture activities which were being carried out near the Western Ghats with much difficulty suffered another setback due to frequent invasion of wild animals the protestors said. It also had powers to finalise the coverage floor area ratio setback and height of buildings constructed on the plot from which a portion was surrendered for development purposes. Considering the area and width of the surrendered land its value location and shape the committee had the powers to sanction more coverage area floor area ratio setback and height of the buildings. U.P. suffered a double setback after lunch as Andhra removed both Kaif and Rania in successive overs. Ajitha said in a statement here on Friday that the verdict in the case was a setback to women and democratichuman rights organisations as well. Woodbased products exports from Kerala have suffered a setback with a tax burden and corresponding advantage for their counterparts in the neighbouring States said president of the Wood Products Exporters Association M.