servicing meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
servicing meaning in tamil is பணிவிடை

servicing meaning in tamil with example

servicing tamil meaning and more example for servicing will be given in tamil.
The project is expected to get financial backing from the Union Government as Kochi is the first port in the country to put up a comprehensive cruise vessel servicing facility. The widening and lengthening of the berth will adequately compensate for the loss of vessel servicing space that was lost to the Q4 berth collapse and setting aside of Q7 berth for container handling. The report warned that the move would endanger the reservoir and threaten several drinking water projects servicing the neighbouring panchayats. Vijayakumar who held several rounds of officiallevel meetings in a bid to resume the work said the project was held up after the Kerala Water Authority KWA raised objections citing the proximity of a major pipeline servicing the Thirumala zone. The States annual debt servicing which is claiming 25 per cent of its income now will phenomenally go up if the loans are preferred. Certificates distributed Certificates were distributed on Sunday to those who completed the twomonth training in cellphone servicing and repair held by APITCO in association with Union Department of Science and Technology. The company has specialised in servicing prominent clients in banking and financial services retail information technology and communication industries. As monorail was always elevated and could not go underground the depots for stabling and servicing monorail trains during nights would be very complicated and costly compared to a depot for a metro system which could be located on the ground.