serene meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
serene meaning in tamil is அமைதியான

serene meaning in tamil with example

serene tamil meaning and more example for serene will be given in tamil.
Kodagu district should guard itself against any attempt to defile the serene atmosphere in the garb of developing tourism. The school has a large playground a courtyard with a huge lawn and a gushing cascade and a serene atmosphere. PunnamiBerm Park a serene locale on the banks of the Krishna suited the best for conducting conferences and marriages. While the increasing demand for pilgrim accommodation has to be met at all costs equally important is the need to protect the rich biodiversity on the serene seven hills. The present series of works started from the calm and serene waters of Mauritius in the Indian Ocean in 2004. The programme has enhanced the serene appearance of the village and it promises visitors a clean and green environment Ms. His music is a universe of enchanting ArabLatino verses that naturally encompass Eastern melodies flamenco music AfroHispanic beats and serene ballads. Children should feel free while talking to their parents and teachers and learn things in a serene environment. The Go Air chartered flight is charting a smooth course carrying the Indian and England teams from the dusty and noisy Delhi to the serene beaches of Goa reflecting the state of Indian cricket. Man propels a boat with the help of a bamboo stick in the serene waters of Brahmayyalingam tank.151 PHOT. It was in 2001 when reports of suicides by farmers caught in a debttrap began emanating from the green and serene environs of Wayanad. For once the verdant locale and serene atmosphere of the hotel was turned into an arena where contestants were trying their mite with their voices to impress the jury members.