separated meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
separated meaning in tamil is வேறான, தனியாக, பிரிந்த

separated meaning in tamil with example

separated tamil meaning and more example for separated will be given in tamil.
An elephant calf that was separated from its herd and shifted to the Mysore zoo two months ago died on Saturday. The inoffs were cleverly effected and even if breaks did not go beyond the twenties Raunaq who had a busy day with matches in the junior billiards and subjunior snooker kept his focus and in the end that is what separated him from the Delhi sardar. Sir Creek Rutherford Bell Air Ramana Come On Sania Qazafi 120 100016 80053 60041 40027.5. They jumped out well and were separated by half a length and a distance. Singh Silver Princess Farookh Money Care Ali Khan Olympic Princess Rutherford 146.5 1400131.5 1200119 100017 80055 60041.5 40027.5. They were separated by three lengths two lengths and a distance. According to the police Shanmugam 59 of Elumathur and his wife Akilandeswari 52 took the extreme step as they were frustrated that their daughter was separated from her husband. The eighth wicket put on a stubborn 102 before being separated two runs from making Tamil Nadu bat again. In the laboratory of LifeCell the stem cells are separated from the collected blood and preserved at minus 196 degrees C. I AM a woman a socialist separated and agnostic 151 all the sins together said Chilean presidential candidate Michelle Bachelet with a laugh. In the stampede he was separated from his wife and motherinlaw and was admitted to hospital with injuries. Gate practice 151 Winter outer grass 1200m Acanthus rb Hyacinth Nazim Careerist Deep Shanker 123 100018 80055 60042 40029.5. They took a smart jump and were separated by a length and three lengths.