sense meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
sense meaning in tamil is புலன், உணர்

sense meaning in tamil with example

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The sense of dj vu was clearly visible among almost all the commuters who packed the trains on the new section on Day One. The regular fleet does neither fit into the scheme in terms of manoeuvrability in the colonies nor makes sense in terms of revenue generation since the number of users could be limited. Mutual funds actually felt that ULIP sales were lucrative to insurance agents relative to the commissions paid to MF agents for sale of MF products and in that sense were already high cost products for customers relative to comparable MFs. Moreover it is a moot question to consider whether any such conduct as alleged is really in a sense a breach of privilege of the House or something different. Indian legislatures do not have the power to regulate their constitution in the same sense as the House of Commons has. It is common sense that expulsion of a member in any body whether a club or society or association by itself terminates his or her membership whether it is tenured or for life. But his sense of shot composition and editing reflects his ability to hold the idiosyncrasies of major characters in sheer contrast and communicate effectively. Though we are sure that forest will not disappear one fine day we have to have enough sense to protect and use well the resources that are at hand adds Vivek. All things considered better to be a snail or a snake and support each other as we do what we do best not much and greet our gnawing sense of underachievement like an old friend.