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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
send meaning in tamil is அனுப்பு

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Earlier Kiefer beat Arthurs 63 64 in singles to send the match to the deciding mixed doubles while Stosur beat Groenefeld 63 75. Union Minister of State for Commerce and Industry E.V.K.S. Elangovan has pleaded with the State Government to send a letter to the Centre seeking grant of Scheduled Tribes status to Malayalis and Lambadis. Avail benefits He appealed to the Chief Minister to send the recommendation for declaring the sects as ST so that they may also avail all the concessions and benefits given to the community people in other places. Much to the plight of the industry power supply has deteriorated in the State which could send a wrong signal to investors. Three or four primitive tribal groups PTGs particularly would not send their girl children to school he said. Email era Many youngsters feel by just a click of the mouse people can send greetings to as many people as they want all around the world. He directed Joint Collector Shashibhushan Kumar to send proposals to hike compensation in three categories finalised on Saturday to the Government. The success of the shuttles return to space has been tempered by problems with the International Space Station which saw most of its science budget slashed to help NASA pay for President George Bushs desire to send astronauts to the moon and Mars. Shivakumar who is known for his opposition to the Janata Dal Secular has said that the Congress should send observers to districts and taluks to know the mind of party workers. Reddy that the High Court would only send its judgment copy to the State Government and the Government in turn would direct him to act accordingly.