seller meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
seller meaning in tamil is விற்பவர், விற்பனையாகும் பொருள்

seller meaning in tamil with example

seller tamil meaning and more example for seller will be given in tamil.
The hottest seller of the Sixties the Ford Mustang once driven by the Hollywood legend Marylyn Monroe came back in a new avatar and what a stunner it was. The indigenous PC maker HCL is the top seller in both commercial and consumer desktops followed by global brands HP and Lenovo in the commercial arena and HP and LG in the consumer space. By nine tonight all the homes would be cooking chicken a chicken seller at Nampally poultry market enthused. The first seller collected sales tax whereas the second seller collected handling and incidental charges. Under a pretence to buy fruits Lord Krishna the bestower of the fruits of actions blessed the fruit seller not only with a basket of precious gems but also accepted her surrender of refuge at His feet. Burgled The house of an electronic goods seller was burgled and articles and cash worth Rs. Five years after having applied for an electricity connection to New Delhi Municipal Council a flower seller who owns a shop near the Hanuman Temple near Connaught Place is still waiting for the authorities to give him a connection. Coming to physical delivery it is a method in which the bylaws of the exchange provide both the buyer and the seller the right to demandsupply physical delivery of the asset at the final settlement of any future contract. The seller can thus deliver goods of a prefixed quality determined by the exchange to the warehouse identified by the exchange. Mohanraj had set up a fake mobile phone seller account with the portal and had not delivered the phones to buyers.