self meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
self meaning in tamil is தான், சுய, தனாக

self meaning in tamil with example

self tamil meaning and more example for self will be given in tamil.
Union Finance Minister P.Chidambaram being greeted by self help group members at the valedictory function of the Intermedia Publicity Coordination committee in Chennai on Saturday. Similarly the attributes of the nonself are superimposed upon the self and the ignorant man who through Maya identifies the attributes of finitude and bondage with his self where as his bondage is never in the true Self he said. Organised by Surabhi the Kerala State Handicrafts Apex Cooperative Society the exhibition was inaugurated by Minister for Local Self Government Kutty Ahammed Kutty on December 21. Presently he realised as so many have done before him that the time had come to settle down whereupon his earliest self reemerged. The number of employees at the Collectorate and the District Treasury frequenting the canteen at the Collectorate has increased since it was recently handed over to the Suriya Prabha and Valarpirai Self Help Groups SHG run by women. Therefore we are compelled to go on the offensive not only for the sake of peace and democracy but for the sake of self defence said Prachanda elusive chief of the Maoist group. Whoever plays the points in the tiebreaker well wins. Paes was back to his old self soon as he and Damm started to jell really well towards the end. The mind in contact with the body engages in action with the feeling of I though the Self Atman is not tainted by action. To appreciate this the insight that the mind and the senses engage in the domain of the material world objects of perception and the Self is beyond this is essential.