seldom meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
seldom meaning in tamil is எப்போதாவது

seldom meaning in tamil with example

seldom tamil meaning and more example for seldom will be given in tamil.
I had noted somewhere that he is a workaholic who has no social life to speak of despite his celebrity status and that he seldom receives visitors. Yes as a tactic pragmatism might be preferable to overtly rigid dogmatism but pragmatism not backed by a political vision seldom works in the long run. Dalmiapuram Ganesan Tiruchi Traffic violation In Tiruchi many autorickshaw drivers seldom wear proper uniform. 25 lakhs to the smallscale sector without collateral the rule is seldom followed in principle by any of the banks in the district. Though medium and largescale industries should settle the bills of the small units within a stipulated time it is seldom followed. The sponsors of political parties or organisations erect most of the banners and for that reason alone the authorities concerned seldom initiate any action against the lawbreakers. Officials seldom visited the farms and the department has not made any concentrated efforts for the benefit of cotton farmers. And those listed include the temples in the palace courtyards that are seldom visited by tourists the Thonnur Lake Melkote and Bylakuppe among others. Arsenal seldom threatened against Everton and in secondhalf injury time Francesc Fabregas was sent off on a red card. But a visitor is seldom intimidated or overwhelmed by its size given the proportion of height to width and the immaculate manner in which the master artisans chiselled away the granite resulting in a masterpiece. It is also alleged that the asbestos pipes laid two decades ago for the main distribution network were of inferior quality and that they could seldom withstand the heavy pressure inside.