seek meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
seek meaning in tamil is நாடிச்செல்

seek meaning in tamil with example

seek tamil meaning and more example for seek will be given in tamil.
When he was about to discontinue his studies the villagers asked him to seek the help of the Collector Sunil Paliwal. The strategy highlights the need for creating a supportive environment for adolescents to seek the health services they need. The teachers will also seek resolution of other problems pertaining to the implementation of the Pay Revision Commissions recommendations. He said that the Board would seek help from the State Government as well as the Centre for getting mandatory clearance for constructing a small dam about 180 metres downstream the Kunnar dam to tap the overflow from Kunnar. This selflearning module Learning to Work with Adolescents will be used by the health functionaries particularly at the community health care level where adolescents are normally expected to seek services. According to him the move by IRDA is good as it clearly sets a playing field that segregates investment products that seek to maximise returns with low to medium costs from long term risk some returns products. 151 Special Correspondent Devaswom employees seek quota KOLLA. But Potana preferred Lord Rama to be his publisher as he did not seek the patronage of any King Ramana remarked. But he has no patience for the latter either since they seek to cast a spell on ordinary people with their antimodern indeed reactionary religious rigidity. If the BJP decides to support Congress in the zilla panchayat the party can seek the latters support in Turuvekere Taluk Panchayat where the two parties have an equal number of members.