seed meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
seed meaning in tamil is விதை,வித்து

seed meaning in tamil with example

seed tamil meaning and more example for seed will be given in tamil.
In the fourth round the 12yearold is due to play white against second seed Sergey Erenburg a Grandmaster from Israel. He is the defending champion the number three seed and the Moya mania is back Speaking to The HolyIndia Moya explains his Chennai romance 2005 and more. With public institutions supplying barely 15 to 20 per cent of total seed requirement of farmers the confederation urged the Government to allocate sufficient funds during the 200607 budget for development and supply of quality seeds. A number of foreign girls led by the top seed Ksenia Palkina of Kyrgyzstan will be out to prevent an Indian girl from going all the The seedings Boys 1. In the semifinals on Sunday Ghosh rallied well from a twogame deficit to overcome the second seed V. The 12yearold Delhi boy who made history on Saturday by becoming the youngest International Master in the game by beating second seed Sergey Erenburg was comfortable right through the 36move deadlock in Sicilian Defence against Pavlovic. In India the technology is licensed to the local seed company through Mahyco Monsanto Biotech India Limited which is a 5050 joint venture between Mahcyo and Monsanto. The high prices were detrimental to public interest involving lakhs of farmers with one packet containing 450 grams being sufficient only for half an acre as the recommended seed rate is 750 gram to one kilograme per acre. He expressed concern over the seed industry being hijacked by multinational companies and described it as trend detrimental to the interests of farmers in the long run.