secular meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
secular meaning in tamil is மதச்சார்பற்ற

secular meaning in tamil with example

secular tamil meaning and more example for secular will be given in tamil.
Religious Secular Communal Visionary 7.Who represented India in the recent Miss World Pageant in China. Al Sadr has demanded that secular Sunnis represented in the Iraqiyah list of the former Prime Minister Iyad Alllawi be excluded from any political arrangement. The Bill provides for greater powers to State and the Centre for taking effective measures to suppress communal violence perpetrated on such a scale which threatens the secular fabric unity and integrity of the nation. The last plenary was held in Bangalore in 2001 where it departed from the Pachmarhi resolution to indicate it was prepared to enter into electoral or coalition arrangements with secular parties without compromising on its basic ideology. Indeed school children enjoy the rare privilege of celebrating all festivals such as Deepavali Ramzan and Christmas irrespective of their religion to proclaim that they live in a secular country. He said in a democratic and secular country everyone had the right to preach or canvass any religion as he or she liked. Just as the Congress has been insisting that the doors are open to her joining it and leading the secular alliance provided she disassociates herself from the Bharatiya Janata Party Ms. Banerjees is fooling around by claiming that the PGF is a secular front despite the presence in it of the BJP. According to him this trend can be seen in secular countries where globalisation has fostered rapid growth. He said the party at its executive meeting had decided to foster the Left Secular Democratic platform.