secrets meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
secrets meaning in tamil is அந்தரங்கம்

secrets meaning in tamil with example

secrets tamil meaning and more example for secrets will be given in tamil.
HalfBlood Prince Goblet of Fire Prisoner of Azkaban Chamber of Secrets 2. Does she mean to say that if one has no secrets to worry about one should not bother if ones phone is tapped. The emotions behind those sentiments were alive in me too I found myself looking at every whitehaired man or aged matron wondering what secrets they concealed. The subject not only speaks about metals minerals oil and water but also helps men understand the secrets of earth system processes and the ecosystem. Suu Kyis poem In the Quiet Land no one can tell if theres someone whos listening for secrets they can sell. That book caused a frenzy of digging in search of a golden hare in the U.K. Secrets of the Alchemist Dar by millionaire author Michael Stadther will incorporate riddles leading to 100 gems hidden around the world. Khurana said his plans to unveil sexual scandals as well as the secrets of Kandahar stood postponed and he would wait for the right opportunity to once again highlight these issues. Seervai ordered that under Section 6 of the Commission of Inquiry Act affidavits submitted before a judicial commission could not be construed as revealing official secrets and these amounted to only assisting it in finding out the truth. Tiktaalik found in the Canadian Arctic one of the most inhospitable terrains is proof that rocks do contain within them many secrets waiting to be uncovered. Several writers journalists and political analysts have attempted to pierce the secrets of the ChiracVillepin relationship Frances most enduring political mystery.