searching meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
searching meaning in tamil is தேடுதல்

searching meaning in tamil with example

searching tamil meaning and more example for searching will be given in tamil.
He said that floriculture activity was rampant with those who wanted to establish ventures searching for suitable locations with adequate water supply and soil conditions. Each piece is about 200 acres and the visiting team would also be given the choice of searching other locations if the identified pieces of land were not found to their liking. The deceased youngsters father Kuppusamy a railway employee was still searching for his eldest son Srinath 19 at the Besant Nagar beach. Kalpana began searching for good Government schools and zeroed in on Madhapur school impressed by the devotion of teachers. Taken aback by her action the two men began searching for the boy in the water while the woman continued her frenzied behaviour sobbing and shouting. It set off a national debate with intense soul searching on questions such as the values of the French Republic immigration and integration. Now Guru Uday Kumar he was 23 when he began searching for a dance teacher after watching an Odissi dance performance in his hometown in 1990. Her literary mission is to write the history of the people by searching the blank spaces between the lines. The main offenders in the criminalisation of the tribes are the police as well as the general community. With the introduction of the computerised information system developed with the technical assistance of Information Kerala Mission IKM the public would not have to go to a specific department at the corporation office searching for their files.