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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
seaport meaning in tamil is துறைமுகநகர்

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This includes renovation of the 1.5km road the connects AirportSeaport Road with NH47 the 1.4km road connecting Seaport Road Junction with the Cooperative Medical College the stretch from Premier Junction to Muttar Junction and the road connecting Aanavaathil with Pataalam. The agitation would be conducted without blocking traffic on the road leading to the Infopark or the Seaport Airport Road in front of the western gate. The aim of the excavations was to find out whether the ancient seaport Sopatma or the fair city mentioned by Greek astronomer and geographer Ptolemy is indeed Marakanam. Larsen Toubro has made a foray into the dredging business by acquiring 61 per cent stake in the Indian company International Seaport Dredging Pvt. Facilities Though Mysore enjoys proximity to Bangalore officials in the Department of Industries and Commerce said Mangalore had a functional airport a seaport and better road network. Surrender of the Dutch According to sources a ship carrying Dutch soldiers led by DLannoy on July 31 1741 landed at the seaport of Colachel and captured two outposts Thengapattinam and Midalam of Travancore. 151 Staff Reporter Award for Vizhinjam seaport CEO THIRUVANANTHAPURA. The Senopati Madura ferry sank after being slammed by giant waves just before it arrived at the central Java seaport after a twoday journey from Kalimantan island. Russian Valour Conquering HeroGallarus 56.5 Prem 1 Roman Spirit 58 Lakshmanan 2 Seaport 58.5 Mohan 3 and Supreme General 53.5 C. The meeting called on the Government to appoint a senior IAS official as the Managing Director of the Vizhinjam International Seaport Ltd.