scuttle meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
scuttle meaning in tamil is விரைந்து ஓடு

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But with the kind of ignominious scuttle from Iraq that failure would presumably entail the region wont just revert to the status quo ante. The association has alleged that the ruling and opposition parties were trying to scuttle the development of the airport. Russia pushed that proviso in hopes that the referral will not scuttle negotiations it is holding with Iran in hopes of resolving the standoff. The committee observed that a section of officials had tried to scuttle the project at various stages. Led by the astute Rahul Dravid India has been criticised of not having the bowlers to scuttle out good batting sides twice on unhelpful tracks. Karthikeyan said the CPIM had no right to talk about development as it had been trying to scuttle each and every development project introduced by the UDF Government during the past fourandahalf years. The resolution relentlessly attacked the CPI M and its policies listed out the series of agitations that had been let loose merely to scuttle the development projects initiated by the UDF Government. Sreedharan Pillai alleged that a leader of the Indian Union Muslim League IUML was behind the move to scuttle the police investigation and that his objective was to protect National Development Front NDF activists. Geethanandan said on the other hand the Communist Party of IndiaMarxist CPIM had been trying to scuttle the Adivasi land assignment programme. Vijayakumar alleged that the UDF district leaders were promoting vested interests trying to scuttle the development of the city.