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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
sculpture meaning in tamil is சிற்பம்

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Rajyalakshmi pointed out that it will have wideranging galleries including prehistorical art through ages numismatic sculpture and Nellore history galleries and will be open to the public by April. The famous French sculptor Christian Lapie crafted the sculpture with the support of Jaipur Virasat Foundation Indian Institute of Crafts and Design Indian Council for Cultural Relations Jaipur Development Authority and a few other NGOs. A kavi sammelan painting sculpture and cartoon contests will be held during Kadapotsavam here slated from February 9 to 12 its Fine Arts Committee convenor G. A 15day sculpture camp on the life and times of saint and social reformer Sharanabasaveshwara concluded here on Thursday. It is not only a holy place for the Jains but a national treasure populated with shrines and temples of remarkable beauty and stands testimony to ancient and medieval Indias splendour in sculpture and architecture. The land art of a Mother and Child and the functional sculpture of a relaxing tourist couple that he has developed in the park and the crematorium that is close to the park represent the cycle of birth life and death according to the sculptor. The other sculpture has a threetiered umbrella above the Buddhas head and women bearing flywhisks. Satyamurthy the face of this Buddha has Mongoloid features and this sculpture shows SouthEast Asian influence. The sculpture on the left has three umbrellas mukkudai over the head which is also associated with many Buddha sculptures in Tamil Nadu.