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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
scripture meaning in tamil is வேத புத்தகம்

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The proverb of course is the devil can quote scripture for his purpose which means people may conceal unworthy motives by reciting words that sound morally authoritative. Hasan Suroor has made a conscious twist of the proverb to explain why Francis Fukuyamas views are significant. Bedrock of Hindu Dharma While other religions are practised on the basis of a scripture or book written by the founder of that religion the Vedas form the bedrock of Hindu Dharma. Guru Arjan Dev who compiled the Adi Granth or he Guru Granth Sahib the holy scripture comprising the teachings of the Sikh gurus as well as Hindu and Muslim saints was tortured to death. Seeing these faces aglow with happiness one cant but be amazed to learn that they are victims of tsunami who are attending the rehabilitation camp organised by World Vision India at Scripture Union campsite Mahabalipuram. There are some 4300 pages of the rare treeleaf Buddhist Sanskrit scripture in 426 volumes said Hu Chunhua a top official of the autonomous region. The religious have always claimed that there is coherence in the apparent contradictions of their sacred texts by seeing their scripture as a whole and trying to unify its inconsistencies they went beyond their preconceptions and discovered a transcendent reality. Vedanta Bharati started 10 years ago has been publishing books on Sankaras works and other subjects of Indian scripture in Sanskrit Kannada and English and distributing them among the people at almost onetenth of the cost of production according to A.