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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
script meaning in tamil is விரிவுரைக் குறிப்பு, கையெழுத்துப் படிவம்

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Sri Prakasa Governor pleaded for the adoption of a common script for Indian languages so that the people in the North and in the South could learn each others language. Anna University ViceChancellor D.Viswanathan on Sunday said that if a student scored pass marks after revaluation the examiner who first corrected the script would be debarred from paper correction for five years. Viswanathan made the announcement at the inauguration of an employmentrelated workshop by Rajalakshmi Engineering College soon after a student said that he had obtained a photocopy of his answer script to apply for revaluation. He finds fault with producers and directors for venturing into film production without having a complete script in hand. The script remained the same postlunch as Somasundar offered no shot to Sehwag and was ruled leg before. Ahamed Kasim K of GHSS Tirurangandi won the first prize in cursive script competition and Rejina K of ISSHSS Eazhuvathiruthi topped in word game. Classes will be held for Spoken Kannada and learning Kannada script with special emphasis on conversational language and for improving ones existing language skills according to a press release. And director Manish Who Sharma does nothing to step beyond the cover of anonymity with a film whose confusion in script is matched by the lead trios mediocrity in acting. The twist in the script came late as Mohammedan Soprting defender Wazid Ali erred in his effort to intercept a cross from East Bengal winger Shylo Malswamtluanga.