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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
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After scraping through a closely fought tiebreaker in the second set the pair of Damm and Paes got off to a great start in the match tiebreaker with Paes serving up a blistering ace. Reddys invention is to excavate soil from a depth in the agricultural field and spreading it across the field after scraping away the topsoil to tackle the problem of depleted soil a perennial problem faced by the farmers in the country. While the humongous bodies of heavy vehicles dont leave an inch of space for passersby motorcyclists seem to be in no mood to let go the privilege of scraping through the tiny spaces amidst long rows of vehicles that come to a standstill often here. But the Dubaibased player had been below par in the closing stages of his semifinal with Marco Fu scraping home 1716 after surrendering a 159 lead and he again struggled against Dott. Electricity tariff concession and scraping of the tax on hank yarn have really benefited the industry. The bill which calls for scraping of the 1959 Military Act introduced by late King Mahendra which brought the nations army under the Kings command doesnt mention the name of the King anywhere. Karnataka after a defeat in its opening tie against Baroda has made a turnaround and is now third in the group with 10 points behind Baroda 13 and Andhra 12 while Tamil Nadu has a mere four points from five matches and is scraping at the bottom along with Uttar Pradesh. They have not assigned any reason for scraping the entire panel for appointment of CMD. Citing recent examples of people cleared by the PESB being appointed in high offices Mr.