scorching meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
scorching meaning in tamil is சுடுகிற

scorching meaning in tamil with example

scorching tamil meaning and more example for scorching will be given in tamil.
Braving the scorching sun threeyearold Boli from Bilaspur in Madhya Pradesh performs the rope trick on the streets of Gulbarga. Selected from schools in Ernakulam these students brave the scorching heat to provide assistance to participants and organisers. Braving the scorching Sun women and children watching the jallikattu held at Navalur Kuttapattu near Tiruchi. His straight driving was pleasing but his best stroke was the scorching coverdrive off paceman Mohammad Asif. With the scorching heat reminding one of summer one did not take too seriously the weathermans prediction that it is a temporary phenomenon and the chill will be back. A scorching long pass from Deedar to Jorge Lombi in the second quarter was easily the most outstanding piece of work in the entire match. As the market for goods and services expands and things get more demanding production practices and the work environment in industrial units are achanging and the pace of change is scorching indeed. Stoic The scorching sun took its toll on the devotees who after having used up their water made desperate attempts for a refill. As the Mahamastakabhisheka is commencing early in the morning and concluding only after 4 p.m. people are forced to brave scorching sun. Man of the Match Dhoni did just that with scorching coverdrives audacious pulls and whiplash flicks. There were typically expansive coverdrives and scorching pulls in his effort but the best stroke was a beautifully balanced straightdrive off Asif the lefthanders initial movement forward very much evident.