scientific meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
scientific meaning in tamil is அறிவுப்பூர்வமாக

scientific meaning in tamil with example

scientific tamil meaning and more example for scientific will be given in tamil.
Saraswat elated over new assignment HYDERABAD V.K. Saraswat the newly appointed Scientific Adviser to the Defence Minister and DirectorGeneral Defence Research and Development Organisation DRDO has expressed happiness over his new assignment. Judge John Jones backed them dismissing ID as a relabelling of creationism and not a scientific theory. Padmanabha Mallya Kochi Kerala Bangalore was chosen for Wednesdays attack I feel to create fear in the scientific community and to send a message to the international community against its growing dependence on India in the service sector. 5lakh station fabricated by Campbell Scientific Inc. United States capable of predicting 23 parameters of weather changes. Some countries notably Norway Iceland and Japan either ignore the 19year old moratorium on commercial hunting or exploit an exceptional provision that allows scientific permits to be issued for lethal research on whales. Calling upon the Government to form a committee to take up a scientific survey of the coffee growing areas and gather details of the situation being faced by the growers Mr. Ltd and the Luthra Group are capable of handling this extra tonnage of asbestos in a safe and scientific manner the question still remains as to why India should accept and bury such large quantities of toxic waste on its soil. Almost any scientific discovery has a potential for evil as well as for good its applications can be channelled either way depending on our personal and political choices we cant accept the benefits without also confronting the risks.