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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
scavenger meaning in tamil is சுத்தம் செய்பவர்

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Civic authorities in Mysore Bangalore and many towns in the State are issuing statements to the contrary to mislead the public and the Government said President of Karnataka State Safai Karmachari and Scavenger Elimination Federation B. The Karnataka Safai Karmachari Scavenger Federation will launch a fastuntodeath in front of B.R. Ambedkars statue at Town Hall from Tuesday to press for its demands. Corporation Sowhath Islam Elementary School Thirumal Street Part 12 Ward No.37 Thirumal Street Thirumal Street Numbers 1 2345 and 6 Part 13 Ward No.37 Scavengers Colony Part 14 Ward No.37 Scavenger Colony huts. A scavenger kite found lying in a droopy state in the compound of a house at Anandawalleshwaram in the city on Wednesday morning created a bird flu scare in the locality. A large number of scavenger kites found dead or in a droopy state at different areas of the city for the past three days has triggered a scare in Kollam. They are like any other scavenger such as crows cockroaches and pigs. M.P. Vijayakumar Commissioner of the Chennai Corporation said that following a complaint from residents the Corporation sends its team to impound the dogs. According to the official the involvement of a scavenger and a gardener at the zoo was suspected in the incident. The drain acting as a natural scavenger by cleansing the several colonies of dirt and waste generated by their inhabitants in Two Town area has become a victim of human greed and official apathy. He inspected Kaleswara Rao general market Islampet main drain desilting works Wynchipet scavenger colony drinking water reservoir works.