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While the prevarications and lies of the French Government are outrageous it is scary that Indian companies are also involved and that Indian authorities have been aware of and perhaps even been party to this distasteful deal. Stephen Kings new book that was out last week is titled Cell 151 and it conjures up a scary scenario where everyone talking on a cell phone at a given instant becomes the victim of a mystery Pulse 151 which attacks them all simultaneously and turns them into crazy killers. A scary prospect Five points adrift of neighbour Tottenham Hotspur in a race to finish fourth raises the very real prospect of UEFA Cup football for the first season at the new Emirates Stadium. There was more scary news when a YouGovTelegraph poll showed that seven per cent of the voters were ready to back the BNP and that 24 per cent had considered voting for it in the past or were considering doing so now. With everyone clamouring for a seat in a professional college the competition is a little scary and it is better to have more options. Parents were opposed to reservations in professional colleges. The walls bearing the pictures of a scorpion a snake and a Sivalingam create a scary ambience inside the building. Johns Few things worried batsmen in the 70s and 80s as much as Andy Robertss fastticking cricket brain his scary pace and his two kinds of bouncers not necessarily in that order. The pitch 151 much like the baddie removing his scary mask to poor effect 151 showed itself to be a dud.