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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
scarf meaning in tamil is கழுத்தில் சுற்றும் சால்வை

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The Tibetans perhaps were identifying the dupatta with their custom of giving Hada a long silk scarf as token of esteem and good luck to their friends. There is no cure but it can sometimes be arrested according to Thara Srinivasan director SCARF Schizophrenia Research Foundation. The ideal compromise is to wear a knitted woollen cardigan or sweater with a scarf at the neck if you are prone to catching a chill. Matin 24 a nurse was wearing a gaudily patterned lightblue scarf pushed back to reveal sunglasses and bleached blond hair. While at first the patients who came from rural areas were uncomfortable using a computer or a phone to communicate with the doctor they have got into the groove and use equipment to get their prescriptions says K.Soundari SCARF psychiatrist. Social workers of SCARF like Koteeswara Rao train the staff of the NGOs in identifying symptoms during field visits and bringing patients to the centre where an ISDN connection has been set up. Mobile units Which is why the SCARF has adopted the telemedicine project as part of its community building initiative. Ms Nazir jurors were told was heard to shout at her mother Irshad Begum You are not my mother any more. Her family held her down tied a silk scarf round her neck and Imran Mohammed slashed her neck three times. As bodies were loaded on the stretcher I saw another dead girl she was dressed in a black shirt with a coloured scarf wrapped loosely around her head. The fest from October 6 to 8 at the Russian Cultural Centre will be part of the International Conference on Schizophrenia IConS organised by SCARF and is open to anyone who wants to understand the mental illness better.