scared meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
scared meaning in tamil is பய்ந்திருத்தல்

scared meaning in tamil with example

scared tamil meaning and more example for scared will be given in tamil.
Speaking on BBC Radio 4 he said he was scared by its rise and very scared that more protests have not been delivered against it. In the first day of the year marking the 350th anniversary of the readmission of the Jewish community into Britain Dr. He was just trying to stand up for his team and show that they werent scared or had no fear of playing Australia Ponting said. Well everybody is scared to take risks but somebody has to bell the cat said Sunny the Kerala coach. As the scared driver ran away Naseeruddin inflicted knife injuries on the clerk and snatched away the suitcase containing cash. For some days the chairmanelect was scared to enter the college following threats from the SFI cadre. It is heartening that we have been able to usher a new era of rapid growth and create an atmosphere where the people do not feel scared and corruption is being eradicated he added. I am not scared of anybody protesting against me...I have come here all the way from Mumbai to get Aryal elected a report in a national daily quoted her as telling the gathering. Yayati was a man of great penance as it is related that even the king of the celestials Indra was scared of his austerities. He said the people were scared to make a formal complaint to the authorities dreaded by the highhandedness of the stone contractors. At a time when most men spend sleepless nights scared at the prospect of robbers breaking into their homes this daredevil woman makes heads turn with her heroics. What is right for a large number of people we have to do the President said assuring his audience that there was no need to be scared by differences of opinion.