scarcity meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
scarcity meaning in tamil is பற்றாகுறை, பஞ்சம்

scarcity meaning in tamil with example

scarcity tamil meaning and more example for scarcity will be given in tamil.
Sri Rama Murthy Vizianagaram Postcard scarcity The postcard the poor mans only affordable postal utility has gone scarce for the past few months forcing users to go in for costlier postal stationery. Even the firewood is wet and there is a scarcity of kerosene. The rehabilitation work in Tangdar and Uri has been suspended. As a result the persons without agrarian background and those representing upland areas reeling under acute fodder and water scarcity were chosen for distribution of the animals he added. Describing science and technology as the mode of the future Union Human Resource Development Minister Arjun Singh on Friday said scarcity of funds should not be allowed to come in the way of breaking new ground. The result there is an artificial scarcity of LPG cylinders and the sufferers are the hardpressed consumers. Officials have been asked to scrupulously follow the deadline in spite of some identified problems such as scarcity of Iris cameras used for photographing beneficiaries interruptions in power supply and nonrelease of funds at the local level. The SC Corporation had already distributed some 6.5 lakh acres of land for cultivation and there was scarcity for cultivable lands. While water scarcity for this traditionally water intensive crop may have forced farmers to consider alternative methods the overall benefits of drip irrigation are believed to be luring them. Water scarcity They said Udhagamandalam looks nice and expressed hoped they would be given more opportunities to come here.